Reimagine Education

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Reimagine Education
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We invite you to join us as we Reimagine Education. In the College of Education, we engage in deep interdisciplinary work in how we prepare students, how we conduct cutting-edge research, and how we leverage our strengths.

"This moment is about setting the future of college.

It is about honoring our foundation of strength, staring the future squarely in the eyes, and reorienting the college to better serve the future of Texas. If we can make things happen in Texas, we have the chance to make a sustaining impact in the nation and beyond.

This work is about laying claim to our values and going on record with the goals we will pursue. It’s about creating urgency to do our part to fix an education system that too often fails too many kids. And, it’s about our faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends… enlisting each of you in our shared commitment to make a lasting difference for kids, adults, families, schools, and communities. Please join us as we Reimagine Education."
Charles Martinez, Jr., Dean.

Charles Martinez Jr.


The College of Education is reimagining education across Texas and the nation. This launch marks a bold new beginning for us as we use our research, teaching, and our passion to improve people's quality of life. In reimagining education, we have the chance to fulfill the promise of The University of Texas at Austin's motto: What starts here changes the world.  

Signature Impact Areas

The College of Education signature impact areas align the college’s strengths with essential needs in the fields of education in Texas and beyond. They represent the major goals of the College of Education and help to determine how we will align the college’s resources to reach our vision.

Advancing Equity and Eliminating
Disparities in Education and Health

We work to ensure that systems, and the people within them, are accountable for inequities that impact the most vulnerable. We recognize and build upon the strengths of individuals, families, and communities to advance equitable outcomes in education and health across the lifespan. We develop, test, and implement programs and interventions that contest these inequities.

Mirrors and Windows

Learn how reading mastery can advance racial equity.

Attending to Place and Context

How and where people live matters. We respect the influence of home and community factors in the health and wellbeing of children and adults. We respond comprehensively to individual needs, and seek to understand and build on existing strengths within families and communities to improve education and health outcomes.

A Holistic Approach to Preventing HIV in Women at Risk

Discover how understanding contexts leads to better health.

Thriving through Transitions

We work to understand how people adapt to transitions in life, whether expected or unexpected. We seek to support resiliency and healthy adjustment in the face of life’s transitions, including those related to changing social, economic, health, school, and community circumstances.

Breaking the Cycle with Comprehensive Counseling

Learn how just-in-time support can make a difference.