Program Schedule

All Level Special Education Bachelor’s Program

Department of Special Education

The All Level Special Education major consists of one core semester, and four semesters in a Professional Development Sequence (PDS). The foundations semester involves coursework that prepares students for their interactions with students.

The PDS consists of coursework, field experiences and student teaching. Each semester of the PDS includes teaching in small groups and classes as well as courses in general and special education.

At the completion of this sequence, students will be prepared to take certification exams for All Level Special Education (EC-12), General Education (EC-6), and English as a Second Language (ESL).

Foundations Semester

  • ALD 322 – Individual Differences
  • ALD 327 – Sociocultural Influences on Learning
  • SED 376 – Trends and Issues in Special Education
  • SED 332 – Field Experiences in Special Education

Intern I Semester – PDS (Fall)

Consists of 2 full days a week in General Education placement. Students will teach 15 whole group lessons in addition to other classroom responsibilities.

  • EDC 370E – 1-Reading Methods
  • EDC 370E –  2 – Language Arts Methods
  • EDC 331E* – School Organization and Classroom Management
  • EDC 370E – Teaching English as a Second Language

Intern II Semester (Spring)

Consists of teaching 1-2 small groups per day, with 2 mornings a week in Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) setting for 7 weeks and 4 mornings a week in a classroom geared towards students with moderage to severe disabilities for 7 weeks.

  • SED 378 – Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities
  • SED 378E – Advanced Early Childhood Intervention
  • SED 378D – Assessment Practices in Autism and Developmental Disabilities
  • SED 378S* – Teaching Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Intern III Semester (Fall)

Consists of 2 full days a week in Resource Room placement, with teaching of at least 3 small groups per day.

  • SED 375C* – Teaching Individuals with Mild and Moderate Disabilities
  • SED 378R – Reading Difficulties with Diverse Populations
  • EDC 360E – 5-Math Methods
  • SED 372 – Assessment of Individuals with Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Student Teaching Semester (Spring)

Consists of 5 full days a week in school placement. Students will gradually assume all teaching responsibilities, culminating in a 3-week period known as Total Teach.

SED 337 – Intercultural Communication and Collaboration

SED 960* – Apprenticeship – Research to Practice

*Classes associated with internship placement and classroom teaching