All-Level Special Education (Early childhood – 12th grade)

Bachelor’s Program

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The All-Level (Early childhood – 12th grade) Generic Special Education program prepares you to teach children of all ages with a wide range of disabilities. You will earn a B.S. in Education.

As a student studying Special Education, you will:

  • Become an advocate for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral disorders, mild to moderate disabilities and those with severe and/or multiple disabilities.
  • Adopt the values of social-emotional learning and infuse it into your curriculum.
  • Learn about the importance of creating inclusive classrooms that empower the individual learner.

As an All-Level Special Education major, you will select 6 hours in human learning theory and child development and take 12 hours in the foundation semester that focuses on individual differences, cultural and linguistic diversity, human learning in a multilingual and multicultural context, social concerns, foundations of teaching and supporting children with mild to severe disabilities.

  • ALD 320 Cognition, Human Learning, & Motivation
  • ALD 321 Play in Early Childhood Development
  • HDF 313/113L Child Development & Lab
  • PSY 304 Child Psychology
  • ALD 322 Individual Differences
  • ALD 327 Sociocultural Influences on Learning
  • SED 376 Foundation and Issues in Special Education
  • SED 332 Field Experiences in Special Education

The undergraduate coursework in Special Education has a focus on teaching practices and learning interventions for students with a wide range of disabilities and who come from socially and linguistically diverse populations.

In addition to core coursework, you will participate in a Professional Development Sequence (PDS). Through this teacher preparation program, you will learn the foundations of teaching from coursework, fieldwork and observations and be placed in both general and special education classrooms as a student teacher.

You will also learn the fundamentals of teaching such as:

  • how to prepare engaging lesson plans
  • developing skills for consulting with classroom teachers and parents and
  • participating in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings.

Our program has close connections with local area school districts and a strong alumni network to support placements in student teaching.

This program allows you to work towards a certification in both Special Education and Early Childhood-6th Grade Generalist. Special education teachers are in high demand in Texas, as well as the rest of the country. Special Education teaching positions often come with an additional stipend to your salary.

Additionally, Austin Independent School District is currently awarding our Special Education majors a $5000 scholarship during the last four semesters of our program with no strings attached after graduation.

Through the PDS, you will earn up to 1500 hours of classroom experience, far exceeding the 30-hour requirement set by the State of Texas. You will be well prepared to demonstrate leadership and experience in your teaching position while you complete the steps to become a teacher.

Program Benefits

Small Class Sizes

Hands-on Learning

Up to 1,500 Classroom Hours

Study Abroad Options

Certification Passing Rate Exceeds 95%

Stipend from AISD

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