Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership Program

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

What is the cost of the program?

How do you differentiate between a Ph.D. vs. an Ed.D. student?

Will the program provide financial assistance, graduate assistantships, or scholarships to students?

What is the billing process like for the Executive Ed.D. program?

Can the Hinson-Hazlewood Act Exemptions be used for the Executive Ed.D. program?

What does Option III mean?

Can you transfer hours into the Executive Ed.D. program? 

How is enrollment certified?

What happens if you withdraw and/or drop courses? 

Does the department only have one Ed.D. degree?

What characteristics should a typical applicant demonstrate?

Could I move from the Ed.D. program to the Ph.D. or vice versa?

Can a student who was not accepted to the Ph.D. program opt into the Ed.D. program? 

Will the research methods courses be as rigorous as those required for the Ph.D.?

Who teaches courses and advises students?

Does the Ed.D. program focus its instruction on community college or 4-year institutions?

How important is my employer’s support?