Becoming a Texas Teacher

Making a Difference through Education

For 130 years, we’ve helped prepare teachers to change the world. Many of us have our own stories about a teacher who made a difference in our lives and we value the role teachers play in our society as we work towards achieving equity and inclusivity for all. We look forward to helping you grow into a leader that sparks minds and ultimately shapes our society in the classroom and beyond.

The University of Texas at Austin offers multiple paths to be certified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as a teacher, giving you the flexibility to choose a major that best fits your interests and career goals.

As you progress through your degree plan, you will join a cohort of classmates with similar interests in a teacher preparation program that will prepare you for the classroom and to take the certification exams TEA requires of Texas teachers. UT Austin College of Education graduates’ exam passing rates for these tests typically exceed 95%.

Step 1. What Do You Want To Teach?

Step 2. Talk to Your Advisor

Step 3. Apply to the Professional Development Sequence

Step 4. Participate in Mandatory Seminars and Training

Step 5. Certification Officer Recommendation

Step 6. Take TExES Certification Tests

Step 7. Apply to Graduate

Step 8. Apply for Teacher Certification

Step 9. Start Your Career