Teacher Certification FAQs

What is the GPA Requirement?

Do I need to redo my fingerprints if I was fingerprinted as a substitute teacher?

Do you offer any teacher preparation courses or programs online?

Can I take the Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Certification Exams online?

How do I renew my teaching certificate?

I am moving to Texas and I am currently certified to teach in another state. How do I become certified to teach in Texas?

Can I become TEA-certified through a Postbaccalaureate program if my undergraduate degree is in a different field?

How long does the Postbaccalaureate take?

Is the Postbaccalaureate the same as a Master’s degree program?

I have a job offer and I’ve taken my tests, but my TEA certification hasn’t come through.

Will my military service, training or education apply to my TEA certification?