Certification Office

The Educator Certification Office works with educator preparation programs across the university, including those in Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences, by managing approvals for certification exams and recommending students for certification as they prepare to go out and change the world.

Students who successfully complete the steps to become a teacher and all certification requirements may be recommended for certification to the TEA by our certification officer. College of Education students should refer to the Certification Checklist on our wiki for additional information.

Teacher Certification FAQs

What is the GPA Requirement?

Do I need to redo my fingerprints if I was fingerprinted as a substitute teacher?

Do you offer any teacher preparation courses or programs online?

Can I take the Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Certification Exams online?

How do I renew my teaching certificate?

I am moving to Texas and I am currently certified to teach in another state. How do I become certified to teach in Texas?

Can I become TEA-certified through a Postbaccalaureate program if my undergraduate degree is in a different field?

How long does the Postbaccalaureate take?

Is the Postbaccalaureate the same as a Master’s degree program?

I have a job offer and I’ve taken my tests, but my TEA certification hasn’t come through.

Will my military service, training or education apply to my TEA certification?