Applying for the LEAD Stackable Graduate Certificate – Non-Degree Seeking Students

LEAD serves adult learners (e.g., graduate students) who have an interest in equity and digital literacy and serving learners approximately aged 5-18. Two types of adults can apply for the LEAD program: (1) degree-seeking graduate students and (2) non-degree-seeking graduate students. Please follow the instructions below if you are a non-degree-seeking graduate student.

How to Apply If You Are a Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Student

You are a non-degree-seeking graduate student if you are not currently enrolled in any programs at UT Austin. You may be a former student or never attended UT ever, but currently you are not accepted in The Graduate School. To apply, you will complete an online application with The Graduate School. There is a nonrefundable processing fee for each applicant to The Graduate School.

Application Steps


Admissions and Program Requirements

Application Process and Specific Instructions

International Applicants

After Your Decision

Financial Aid


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