Learning Technologies

A young man shows a boy how to use a laptop.

Photo of Min Liu

Program Area Coordinator, Advisor
Min Liu

Learning Technologies (LT) applies contemporary research and development from interdisciplinary fields such as education, psychology, communications, and technology. We use knowledge from these fields to design effective, efficient, interactive, and engaging learning environments. The LT Program offers graduate-level master's and doctoral degrees which prepare professionals for various positions in education as well as professional industries.

Working closely with faculty, students can expect to be involved in contemporary research and design projects (e.g., Alien Rescue, Digital Equity) using state-of-the-art technologies. Courses in this program cover topics such as instructional design, foundations of LT, teaching and learning with technologies, multimedia design, analysis of emerging educational technologies, and the future of online learning. Our graduates serve as university faculty, instructional designers, evaluators, trainers, and managers of instructional systems in public schools, business, government, higher education, military, and other settings.


Photo of Joan Hughes

Joan Hughes

Associate Professor

Research focuses on school contexts and teacher knowledge and experiences that support the establishment of digital equity for learning in K-12 schools, classrooms, and communities. 

Photo of Min Liu

Min Liu


Designs and researches interactive learner-centered environments for all ages with emerging technologies; examines inequities in digital spaces and focuses on creating technology-enhanced learning opportunities for socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

Photo of Jason Rosenblum

Jason Rosenblum

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Research interests include examining game-based, mobile, and augmented technology systems to support competency attainment and digital equity.