Required Courses – Quantitative Methods Master's Program

Please note required coursework may vary from year to year. Current students should always defer to their Program of Work for course requirements and consult with their faculty advisor / Graduate Advisor for any needed clarifications.

Students in the Quantitative Methods master’s (MEd) program are required to complete:

  1. QM Program Courses,
  2. QM Program Electives, and
  3. Out-of-Specialization courses.

Student coursework may vary depending on prior graduate coursework and waivers. All required courses must be completed with a grade of at least B-.

Note: the first digit in a Course Number denotes the number of credit hours of the course. Example: EDP 480C Correlation & Regression Methods = 4 credit hours.

I. QM Foundation Courses (23 credit hours)

  • Prerequisite Course: EDP 380C.2 Fundamental Statistics.
  • EDP 480C.6 Statistical Analysis for Experimental Data 
  • EDP 380D.4 Psychometric Theory and Methods
  • EDP 480C.4 Correlation and Regression Methods
  • EDP 381C.2 Research Design and Methods for Psychology and Education
  • EDP 380D.6 Program Evaluation Models and Techniques
  • EDP 380C Data Exploration and Visualization in R

II. QM Program Electives (6 credit hours)

Two courses from the following (may include alternative QM program elective approved by Area Chair):

  • EDP 380C.12 Survey of Multivariate Methods
  • EDP 380C.14 Structural Equation Modeling
  • EDP 380C.16 Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • EDP 380D.8 Item Response Theory
  • EDP 380D.14 Applied Psychometrics
  • EDP 381C.12 Meta-Analysis
  • EDP 381C.14 Causal Inference

III. Out-of-Specialization Courses (6 credit hours)

In addition to foundation and program area requirements, students must complete the following additional coursework outside of their program area. These courses are an opportunity to enhance interests and form relationships with out-of-area faculty; course choices must be approved by the Quantitative Methods Area Chair.

  • 1 course taken outside of the EDP department (3 hours)
  • 1 course taken either outside of the EDP department or in another program area within EDP (Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, or Human Development, Culture, and Learning Science) (3 hours)