Equity and Diversity in Special Education Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. degree in Equity and Diversity in Special Education generally takes four years of full-time study to complete. Students develop their own individualized program of study in consultation with their academic advisor and the graduate advisor.

The program of study includes work in core areas. In addition to content and research coursework, Ph.D. students will complete a dissertation and professional activities beyond coursework. This can include supervision of student teachers, presentation at professional conferences, submitting manuscripts for publication, and teaching at the undergraduate level.

Doctoral Degree Components – 54-57 hours minimum

  • Specialization Core: 12 hours
  • Professional Core: 18 hours
  • Research Core: 18-21 hours
  • Dissertation: 6 hours minimum

Specialization Core Courses (12 hours)

  • SED 396C Trends and Issues in Multicultural Special Education
  • SED 380 International and Comparative Special Education
  • SED 380 Addressing Critical Research Questions in Special Education Using National Datasets
  • SED 380 Diversity and Disability: Contemporary Perspective on Intersectionality and Disproportionality

To gain breadth of knowledge, students must take at least one course from outside of their concentration area or outside of the department. 

Professional Core (18 hours)

  • SED 695S A & B Professional Seminar (taken over fall and spring semesters of Year 1)
  • SED 398T College Teaching (Year 2)
  • SED 380 Diversity and Disability: Continuing Perspectives; or SED 380 Diversity, Equity, and Disability
  • SED 696 A and B Research Mentoring (taken over two semesters)

Research Core (18-21 hours)

  • EDP 380C Fundamental Statistics – prerequisite as needed

Additional coursework must include at least two courses out of the following three:

  • Qualitative Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Quantitative Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Single-Subject Research Design

Coursework must include:

  • SED 395D Grant Writing in Education

Select other research courses in consultation with your Academic Advisor to be sure that you will fulfill research requirements in your concentration area.

Dissertation (6 hours minimum)

All doctoral students are required to complete a dissertation. This includes conducting original research with direction from a dissertation supervisor. The dissertation will be submitted and defended to a dissertation committee consisting of faculty in the field of study.

  • SED 399, 699, or 999 R and W