Become a Special Education Teacher

Currently, the Department of Special Education only offers an undergraduate program option for special education certification that trains teachers to work with students with disabilities in early childhood through 12th grades in the state of Texas. The undergraduate major in Special Education prepares students to teach students with a wide range of disabilities for all grade levels. Students earn a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Learning and Development.

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A young woman works with several children in a classrooms setting.

Jessica Cantu, B.S. '18

“The best part of being a Life Skills Teacher is being able to design high, but achievable goals for my students, then watching them master each one of them. Even better is hearing inclusion teachers and parents tell me that those same skills we have been working so hard on during class has started to generalize to other settings!”

Tingyi Wang

Tingyi Wang, M.Ed. '18

“As a special education teacher in a SCORES program within the Austin Independent School District, I know that a special education teacher starts here to change the world… and we do it one child at a time!”