Data, Assessment and Translational Research Analytics (DATA) Office

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The DATA Office serves the College of Education in using data to inform decisions that support the college’s mission, goals and values. We establish clear and measurable expectations, identify appropriate methods, gather and analyze data and report results in a timely manner to answer questions about how well our college is:

  • Staying true to our college Reimagine Education mission centered on the Signature Impact Areas and Shared Values.
  • Ensuring that faculty, staff and students have equitable opportunities, support and resources to achieve their goals.
  • Promoting the use of data to inform decisions for improving teaching, learning and well-being of the college community.
  • Strengthening the success of our programs through ongoing assessment of student learning
  • Fostering a data-driven culture and community through ongoing reflection and professional development
  • College Assessment Planning (CAP) Committee

    Department/Program Assessment Liaisons

    • Sherry Field, Dean’s Office
    • Allison Skerrett, Teacher Education
    • Arcelia Hernandez, Youth and Community Studies
    • Anthony Brown, Curriculum and Instruction
    • Luis Urrieta, Curriculum and Instruction
    • Catherine Riegle-Crumb, STEM Education
    • Terry Falcomata, Special Education
    • Sarah Woulfin, Educational Leadership and Policy
    • Stephanie Cawthon, Educational Psychology
    • Tolga Ozyurtcu, Kinesiology
    • Brian Mills, Kinesiology
    • Keryn Pasch, Health Behavior and Health Education
    • Miguel Pinedo, Health Behavior and Health Education 
  • Data Seekers Professional Development Series

    Data Seekers is a workshop series organized each semester by the College of Education, Data Analytics and Assessment Office. Join our community in learning more about resources, tools, and best practices for gathering, analyzing, and reporting the data you need to achieve your goals for improving teaching and learning where you are. All UT Austin faculty, staff, and students are welcome.

    Email Dr. Laura Torres any questions you may have.

    When: On select Fridays from 12 – 1:15 p.m. via Zoom

    May 24th: Introduction to Qualtrics

    Learn how to create a basic survey in Qualtrics along with the various tools and features for designing an effective survey, disseminating your survey to participants, analyzing your survey data, and reporting results.

    June 23rd: Effective Data Visualization Techniques

    Turn your presentations and reports from drab to fab by learning a few effective techniques for telling your data story through tried-and-true graphics, charts, plots, and diagrams that will help your audience to understand, retain, and use the information that you’re sharing.

    August 25th: Introduction to Logic Modeling

    Logic models can provide a roadmap for helping us understand our intended goals and how we plan to reach them through specific activities and measurable outcomes. Join us in this mini-workshop to learn the step-by-step process in creating a logic model and how it can serve as an effective assessment and communication tool for your organization or program. 

    October 27th: Introduction to Curriculum Mapping  

    Curriculum mapping can be a useful tool for ensuring that your course, program, and/or other learning initiative is designed to set your students up for success. This workshop will cover the basics of designing an effective curriculum map and how it can be used to determine how well your curriculum Is giving students the opportunity to achieve its desired outcomes.

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  • Plans and Reports

    The DATA Office develops ongoing plans, reports and dashboards for tracking progress in meeting our strategic goals and accreditation requirements.

    2023-2024 Strategic Plan – the updated plan will be ready by August 2023

    Curriculum Map of Courses aligned to Signature Impact Areas – updates will be ready by August 2023.

    Data Collection and Reporting Timeline

    • SACSCOC Action Plans – due April 1st (3-year cycle)
    • SACSCOC Accreditation Annual Plans and Reports – due October 1st (every year)
    • College of Education Alumni Survey – Spring to Fall (3-year cycle)