Cooperating Teacher Mentor Training

Cooperating teachers and field supervisors of student teachers are required by the State to complete mentor training. In order to receive credit towards this requirement, please review the Mentor Training Handouts, watch the video presentation of our UT Mentor Training, and then complete and submit the online Mentor Training Review.

Mentor Training Handouts

Download the following handouts to review as you watch the Mentor Training presentation:

Mentor Training PowerPoint Get Adobe Reader

Mentor Training Handbook (Becoming a Mentor: Practical Suggestions for a Professional Partnership) Get Adobe Reader

Mentor Training Video Presentation

Mentor Training Review

To receive credit for completing the Mentor Training requirement, click on the link below to open the Mentor Training Review. Once you complete the review, be sure to click "Submit" at the end.

Click here to take survey

If you have any questions regarding the Mentor Training requirement, please email Field Experiences or call (512) 471-1511.