Master of Education Degree Programs

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers three options for Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education. Students can choose between:

  • M.Ed. without a Report,
  • M.Ed. with a Report, and
  • M.A. with a Report.

The options with a report add a research component while the M.Ed. without a Report includes an extra elective course.

The Master’s Program in Early Childhood Education focus on important learning theories for young children and the curriculum that helps develop young learners. Students in this program are prepared to become teachers, teacher educators, professors and future researchers in Early Childhood Education.

Total minimum hours: 33 hours with Report; 36 hours without Report

Required Areas of Study

Early Childhood Education

Students will select 9 credit hours from the following:

  • EDC 385G  Critical Perspectives on Childhood Education
  • EDC 385G  Early Childhood Education Programs
  • EDC 385G  Early Childhood Teacher Education
  • EDC 385K  Environmental Education for Young Children
  • EDC 385G  Global, Comparative Early Childhood      
  • EDC 385G  Inquiry in Play
  • EDC 385G  Parents and Education
  • EDC 385G  Research in Early Childhood Education
  • EDC 385G  Social Context of Childhood Education
  • EDC 385G  Theories of Childhood Education
  • EDC 385G  Thinking as Social Construction in Childhood

Curriculum and Instruction Courses

Students will select a minimum of 9 credit hours from curriculum and instruction courses within the department. Early childhood graduate students can take courses in bilingual/bicultural, language and literacy, cultural studies, STEM and learning technologies as a way to study the topics that are relevant to their work and as approved by their advisor.

Research Methods Course

Students will select 3 credit hours of Educational Research and Design (EDC 380R).

Out of Department Courses (Student Choice)

Students will select 6 credit hours outside of Curriculum & Instruction. Early childhood graduate students have taken courses in many programs including theater/dance, human development, special education, educational psychology, anthropology, sociology, social work, Indigenous studies, Mexican-American studies and African and African diaspora studies.

Elective Credits – No Report

Students who will NOT be completing a report must select 9 credit hours of electives (instead of the 6 required for the report) in the early childhood program area, within curriculum and instruction or out of department/college.

Elective Credits - Report

For the Masters degree with report, students must schedule a meeting that includes all tenured/tenure-track faculty within the ECE program area immediately following the completion of 18 hours of course credit and before the subsequent semester. At this meeting, the student must make the case as to why s/he wants to pursue a report and the topic of inquiry the student plans to pursue with the report. The faculty will then decide if pursuing a report is appropriate. If faculty determine that the student will not be able to pursue a report, the student will complete a M.Ed. and be required to complete all 36 hours of coursework. If faculty approve the student’s request for a report, the student will complete 27 hours of coursework along with 3 credit hours of report (EDC 398R) and 3 additional credit hours of elective, typically independent study.

Important Reminders

  • No more than 3 upper-division undergraduate courses are allowed for this Master’s degree.
  • No more than 6 hours may be taken credit/no credit.
  • No more than 3 hours of independent study.

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