Language and Literacy Studies

A young woman works with a girl on reading comprehension.

Program Coordinator

Photo of Tracey Flores

Tracey Flores

Program Advisors

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Ph.D.: Denise Dávila
Master's: Melissa Wetzel

Language and Literacy Studies are called many things—English, Language Arts, Reading, Literacy—and its complexity and significance is increasing more than ever in the 21st century. Our faculty and students contribute to the ways literacy education is changing in digital environments within an increasingly diverse communication landscape.

Our master’s and Ph.D. programs focus on educational research in the ways children learn and re-learn how to read and compose in an evolving world. This includes an increase in the number of genres, media, cultures, and languages within a community. Our programs give educators the opportunity to think deeply about teaching and learning in diverse classrooms and communities. We provide students with theoretically sound, research-based ways of growing their knowledge of Language and Literacy Education. Students in our program go on to become certified teachers, professors, and policy influencers for education.

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Photo of Denise Davila

Denise Davila

Assistant Professor

Studies children’s literature and researches the home literacy practices of families with young children in under-resourced communities.  

Photo of Tracey Flores

Tracey Flores

Assistant Professor

Interests include family literacy, specifically family writing and practices for Latina mothers and daughters, as a springboard for advocacy and empowerment of families and teachers.

Photo of Deborah Kelt

Deborah Kelt

Assistant Professor of Practice

Brings her experience in literacy education to UT with a specialization in preparing secondary teachers to work in urban schools.

Photo of Grace Kim

Grace MyHyun Kim

Assistant Professor

Studies literacy, language, and multicultural education, especially involving new media and globalization.

Photo of Beth Maloch

Beth Maloch


Catherine Mae Parker Centennial Professor in Education

Examines literacy teacher preparation, specifically the role of coaching and mentoring that occurs inside programs.

Photo of Allison Skerrett

Allison Skerrett


Focuses on secondary English and literacy education in urban contexts, including among transnational youth.

Photo of Melissa Wetzel

Melissa Wetzel

Professor & Department Chair

Focuses on how preservice teachers integrate critical literacy and culturally relevant practices into field-based literacy teaching.