Mission Statement



We are committed to excellence as a departmental, programmatic, and personal standard that is reflected in the behavior and the products of faculty, staff, and students.

We take as our responsibility

  • a continuous effort to improve the quality of our own work through diligent effort and continued professional development.
  • a continuous effort to support integrated program development through collaboration and collegial support.
  • a sustained effort to improve the development and performance of our students through rigorous, carefully planned, and supportive instruction.


We are committed to providing creative and dynamic leadership in education, research, and service.

We accept as our responsibility

  • professional preparation of future leaders in the fields of health, exercise, and sport.
  • providing leadership that values creativity, innovation, and promoting vision-setting trends in education, research, and service.
  • demonstrating leadership on campus and at local, state, national, and international levels.


We are committed to creating a positive impact on individuals and the general public; on the fields of health, exercise, and sport; and on professionals and organizations associated with those fields.

We accept as our responsibility

  • the testing of assumptions and the validation of existing premises.
  • the generation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • the promotion and adoption of improved beliefs and practices.


We are committed, as trustees of public and private resources, to provide the State of Texas and the general public with the best possible management of their investment in research and education in health, exercise, and sport.

We accept as our responsibility

  • demonstrating efficiency and prudence in arranging our infrastructure and managing our resources.
  • conducting both basic and applied research to create tangible results of our work.
  • bridging between research and education so that our students value the process of scientific inquiry and critical thinking.


We are committed to honoring each other and respecting the contributions made by each individual as we work toward our common goals.

We accept as our responsibility

  • a commitment to diversity.
  • the creation of an environment that fosters tolerance, fairness, and equity.
  • the courteous treatment of students, staff, faculty, and the general public.