College of Education Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

College of Education
May 24, 2016

The College of Education is proud of its faculty’s many accomplishments in research and in teaching. This spring The University of Texas at Austin and several College of Education departments recognized many of our esteemed faculty for their excellent teaching of undergraduate and graduate students.

University-Wide Awards

Provost Teaching Fellows

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows program is designed to strengthen faculty participation and governance in the learning sciences, enhance faculty collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and support specific faculty-led projects to improve teaching and learning.  Each Fellow will help advance the educational mission of the university through individual initiatives that promote the best practices in teaching, learning, and education. 

  • Associate Professor Stephanie Cawthon, Educational Psychology
  • Senior Lecturer Dixie Stanforth, Kinesiology and Health Education
Photo of Stephanie Cawthon
Stephanie Cawthon
Photo of Dixie Stanforth
Dixie Stanforth

2016 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Photo of Tasha Beretvas
Tasha Beretvas

The Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award recognizes the distinguished teaching of a graduate faculty member. The criteria considered include the nominee’s record of excellence in the classroom and laboratory, the nominee’s distinctive contribution in mentoring graduate students and helping them achieve their goals in academic or professional careers, and the nominee’s record of supervising and serving on students’ thesis, report, recital and dissertation committees.

  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Tasha Beretvas, Department of Educational Psychology
Photo of Delida Sanchez
Delida Sanchez

John L. Warfield Center Faculty Affiliated Teaching Award

The Warfield Center for African and African American Studies (WCAAS) honors two faculty members annually with the John L. Warfield Teaching Award. Recipients are outstanding and innovative instructors who have a long-term impact on students and demonstrate the principles and mission of the WCAAS. The mission of the WCAAS is to create scholarship and culture in the intersections of critical race theory, Black feminist theory, and queer theory.

  • Assistant Professor Delida Sanchez, Educational Psychology
Photo of Katie Tackett
Katie Tackett

The Texas 10

Alcalde, The University of Texas at Austin alumni magazine, asked alumni to nominate their favorite professors, then narrowed the list to just 10. A College of Education faculty member was recognized for the influence she has had on her students, after they’ve left the 40 Acres.

  • Clinical Associate Professor Katie Tackett, Special Education

Departmental Awards

  • Darla Castelli, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education Graduate Teaching Award
  • Matt Bowers, Department of Kinesiology Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Tiffany Whittaker, Department of Educational Psychology Excellence in Teaching Award (inaugural)

Please congratulate our excellent College of Education teaching faculty.

Photo of Darla Castelli
Darla Castelli
Photo of Matt Bowers
Matt Bowers
Photo of Tiffany Whittaker
Tiffany Whittaker