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Research, Impact and Achievements: February 2024
Feb. 08, 2024
Celebrating the achievements of our faculty members and alumni.

COE Professors Co-author Study Exploring Disparity Among Texas Superintendents 
Jan. 31, 2024
Even though population shifts occurred across the state, the superintendent workforces remains mostly white.

Bad Sleep Is a Problem for Principals. Here’s What to Do About It
Nov. 29, 2023
A new study from a COE associate professor finds that school leaders sleep worse than most people, but making a few adjustments can ensure it won’t impact school performance. 

The Science of Reading
Oct. 19, 2023
Associate Professor Sarah Woulfin comments on the implementation of effective reading techniques in the classroom. Read the article…

Dr. Lauren Schudde: Championing Equity Through Higher Education Research and Policy
Oct. 06, 2023
Dr. Lauren Schudde has spent her career focused on finding ways to mitigate social inequities and her research prioritizes students and policies at community colleges and regional public universities.

Alumni Q&A with Andrea Kehoe, Ed.D. ’22
Sep. 25, 2023
One of the newest alumni of the college’s Executive Ed.D. program now serves of Head of Product at Austin Community College where she continues to be a driving force for innovation and progress.

Four-pronged Approach for a Change in Institutional Support of Faculty of Color May Prove Beneficial for Tenure
Sep. 21, 2023
Study highlighting how institutions can use policy change to better support their faculty of color co-authored by ELP professor, Denisa Gandara.

David DeMatthews Discusses the Impact of DEI Legislation
Sep. 20, 2023
KVUE Online Associate Professor David DeMatthews of the College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy discusses the implications of recent DEI legislation within the higher education landscape with KVUE’s Daranesha Herron. Watch the story on…

David DeMatthews Weighs in on Decision Affecting Libraries Across HISD
Sep. 06, 2023
The state-appointed superintendent plans to repurposes the resources and spaces.

Media Mentions: June 30 to July 14, 2023
Jul. 17, 2023
Read recent media coverage that features the expertise and impact of College of Education faculty members.