Research, Impact and Achievements: February 2024

Curriculum and Instruction

Anthony BrownProfessor

Dr. Anthony Brown will be inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Teachers this month. Dr. Brown is a member of the Curriculum and Instruction faculty and serves as the program advisor for The University of Texas Urban Teachers Social Studies program. He is also an affiliated faculty in cultural studies in education at the John Warfield Center of African and African American Studies and the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies. His research focuses on how educational systems respond to the needs of African American students, and how African American history is reflected in modern course curriculums.  Brown will be inducted at a ceremony to be held at the Lee Jamail Academic Room on Wednesday, February 7 at 5 p.m. The Academy of Distinguished Teachers was founded to recognize exceptional educators, leaders and academics at UT.   

Grace MyHyun KimAssociate Professor, C&I
North CoocAssociate Professor, Special Education

Dr. Grace MyHyun Kim, associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Dr. North Cooc, associate professor in the Department of Special Education, recently received a research grant for their study, “Addressing the (In)Visibility of Asian American Teachers: Racial Identity and Cross-Generational Support.” Awarded by the Spencer Foundation, the grant will fund research toward supporting the recruitment and retention of Asian-American teachers in K-12 education. Dr. Kim’s expertise is in language, literacy and multicultural education, and Dr. Cooc’s focus is on how background, family and culture can influence decisions and trajectories in special education.   

Educational Leadership and Policy

Jorge BurmickyAlumnus

Jorge Burmicky (Ph.D. ’20) was named as one of 2024’s Top Emerging Diversity Scholars by Dr. Burmicky is currently the assistant professor of Higher Education Leadership and Policy at Howard University. His research on the roles of Latinx men in higher education has earned him recognition as an important new voice in academia. Burmicky cites COE professors Victor Saenz and Richard Reddick as key mentors. Read his profile at Diverse.  

Lisa JasinskiAlumna

Lisa Jasinski (Ph.D. ’18) was recently named President of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Dr. Jasinski has more than two decades of experience in higher education and thought leadership. In her new role, she will be responsible for a consortium of 14 schools across the Midwest, aligning the vision of the region’s liberal arts colleges and improving the student experience.