Tag: Op-ed

Richard Reddick: Higher Education is Growing Burden for American Families

Nov. 23, 2019
"We should not get comfortable with a normal that has students wishing and hoping for chance encounters with the wealthy so their college dreams can become reality — for all of our benefit," says Reddick.

David DeMatthews and Joshua Childs: What the Next Education Secretary Must Do

Oct. 16, 2019
Educational Leadership and Policy faculty David DeMatthews and Joshua Childs outline what the next Education Secretary must do.

Terrance Green: The School Closure

Oct. 7, 2019
Is closing schools what’s best for children? Associate Professor Terrance Green explains four things every person needs to know about school closures in an op-ed for Psychology Today.

Matt Bowers: Do Kids Benefit from Recess?

Aug. 25, 2019
Does recess have long-term benefits for kids? Learn why Assistant Professor Matt Bowers says yes.

Charles R. Martinez, Jr.: Teachers are Routinely Devalued. We Have the Power to Change That.

Aug. 23, 2019
Dean Martinez discusses the immense value of teachers in an op-ed for the Austin-American Statesman saying, “There is truly no more important profession with the power to transform lives.”

David DeMatthews: Stop Blaming Public Schools for Everything Awful

Aug. 9, 2019
When it comes to society’s problems, politicians always seem to place at least some blame on public schools, scapegoating them for social issues that politicians themselves fail to address.

Richard Reddick: How to Support Students with Trauma as School Starts

Aug. 8, 2019
Educators and those who work with youths have an important responsibility in creating the environment where ideas and opinions can be shared in a productive way.