Tag: Op-ed

Liesl Nydegger: Ben Carson's rent increases can empower domestic abusers

June 9, 2018
Kinesiology and Health Education Assistant Professor Liesl Nydegger discusses how rising housing costs are putting domestic violence victims at greater risk.

Richard Reddick: Existing While Black: Irrational Fear Is the New Breed of Racism

May 11, 2018
Reddick explains how recent events at Yale University and Colorado State University show how implicit bias is a form of racism that can have devastating results

Liesl Nydegger: Federal vacancies and faulty beliefs exacerbate HIV prevention efforts

Is HIV even still a problem? The answer is yes and that is part of the problem because we don’t talk about it.

Richard Reddick: MLK Was Killed 50 Years Ago. Did America’s Moral Courage Die With Him?

April 4, 2018
Dr. Richard Reddick offers commentary on the parallels between social movements fifty years ago and today.

Anthony and Keffrelyn Brown: By Time Martin Luther King Jr. was Murdered, Civility Had Already Left the Room

April 3, 2018
Associate Professors Anthony and Keffrelyn Brown comment on the narrative of incivility within social justice movements.

Germine Awad: Terrorist or not, the Austin bomber was not a 'good' kid

March 23, 2018
Awad discusses the role of race in how criminals and victims are described and portrayed by law enforcement and the media.