College of Education Tuition Rebate

Undergraduate students in the College of Education may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 after graduation if he or she has attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. Students desiring to qualify for a tuition rebate are solely responsible for enrolling only in courses that will qualify them for the rebate.

A student will be eligible for the rebate if ALL the following criteria are met:

  1. The student must not have enrolled at any institution of higher education before the Fall 1997 semester.

  2. At the time s/he earns a first undergraduate degree, the student must have attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. Hours attempted include:
    • All courses the student has undertaken, such as transfer credit, credit earned by examination, courses the student dropped or from which the student withdrew after the date the official enrollment count was taken,
    • Developmental courses taken for credit,
    • Optional internship and cooperative education course,
    • Courses the student failed,
    • Courses the student repeated.

    If the student has earned credit-by-exam for more than nine hours of coursework, the hours in excess of nine are also counted as hours attempted.

  3. The student must have attempted all coursework within the United States, at a public institution of higher education.
  4. The student must have graduated within four years for a four-year degree and within five years for a five-year degree.
  5. The student must have been a Texas resident and must have been eligible to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree.


  1. If you dropped or withdrew from a course after the twelfth class day of the fall or spring or the fourth class day in the summer for reasons that were totally beyond your control, the course will not be included in the hours attempted. To ask that a course be excluded from hours attempted, explain the reasons you dropped or withdrew from it on a separate page; you must also attach documentation to support your reasons.
  2. Effective 9/1/03, the first nine (9) hours earned by examination (that is, credit earned on the basis of AP courses, CLEP or credit granted for high SAT or ACT scores) DO NOT COUNT as hours attempted.
  3. If you took a course to meet an ROTC requirement and the course was also not required for your degree, the course is not included in the hours attempted.
  4. Courses taken abroad through the university’s reciprocal exchange program for which the student receives residence credit and pays the University of Texas at Austin tuition (SAB registrations) will apply as courses taken at a Texas public institution. Courses taken through the affiliated studies programs (AS registrations) for which the student receives transfer credit from foreign institutions will disqualify a student from consideration for a rebate. If you exceeded the minimum required hours due only to a study abroad class, you are NOT eligible for the Tuition Rebate, however, you may be eligible for an institutional award of $1,000.

Application Process: Following submission of the graduation application, degree evaluators determine if a student may be eligible for the tuition rebate. Students who meet the preliminary criteria are sent an e-mail message with criteria and instructions to apply for and submit the tuition rebate and official receipt. Not all students who meet the preliminary criteria will be eligible for the tuition rebate after full examination of the academic record following graduation.

Download Tuition Rebate Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tuition rebates may be reduced by the amount of any outstanding student loan owed to or guaranteed by the State of Texas. Eligible students will receive payment from the Office of Accounting within 60 days from the official graduation date, either electronically through the student’s bank account already established with the University, or by mail to the permanent address on file. Students who have applied and are later found to be ineligible will receive a notification explaining reasons for ineligibility within 60 days of the official graduation date.

Should you have any questions about the tuition rebate or your eligibility, you may contact Daniela Kaufman.

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