All Undergraduate Degree Programs

Beginning with the 2022-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog, the college’s two undergraduate degrees related to health, education, and the business of culture, sport, and entertainment industries will change from Applied Learning and Development and Kinesiology and Health Education to:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education (formerly Applied Learning and Development)
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health (formerly Kinesiology and Health Education)

Important Note: Current undergraduate students who began a degree in Applied Learning and Development (ALD) or Kinesiology and Health Education (KHE) will continue as ALD or KHE majors unless otherwise requested. Please contact your advisor if you are interested in changing your degree to Education or Kinesiology and Health.

Degree plans provide detailed information about your major's requirements. Select the degree plan that includes the year you started attending a public Texas college or university after graduating from high school. If you transferred to UT Austin from a college or university outside Texas or a private institution, select the degree plan that includes the year you started attending UT Austin.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The first three majors below prepare you to be a classroom teacher while Youth and Community Studies prepares you to work with people of all ages in a variety of settings that do not require teacher certification. 

Program Degree Plans
All-Level Special Education 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Early Childhood - 6th Grade Bilingual Generalist 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Early Childhood - 6th Grade English as a Second Language Generalist 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Youth and Community Studies 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018

We also have options for those interested in pursuing teaching middle or high school in an urban setting

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health

Our undergraduate majors offer you the opportunity to study human movement, health behavior, and the business and culture of sports. Many of our graduates go on to become physical therapists, teachers, coaches, trainers, researchers, and more.

Program Degree Plans
Applied Movement Science 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Exercise Science 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Health Promotion and Behavioral Science 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Physical Culture and Sports 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018
Sport Management 2020-2022 2018-2020 2016-2018

Certificate, Minors, Specializations, and Tracks

If you are majoring in Kinesiology and Health or Youth and Community Studies, you are required to choose a certificate, track, minor, or specialization in order to meet your degree requirements.

Certificates and Minors

The University of Texas at Austin offers several programs that allow you to choose from a set of courses so you can focus on an area of study in addition to your major. Beginning with the 2016-2018 catalog, certificates and minors are recognized on transcripts. University-wide requirements and the available options can be found in the university's Undergraduate Catalog.


If you are interested in preparing for certifications within the fields of Kinesiology and Health, a specialization is a great supplement to your major. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers several options and while they do not appear on your UT Austin transcript or diploma, they are reflected on your profile record and degree audit. For details, please visit our KHE Specializations page.


Tracks are courses in a second field of study designed by the College of Education. Most tracks consist of 15 hours, six of which must be upper-division. Tracks do not appear on your UT Austin transcript or diploma but they are reflected on your profile record and degree audit. Learn more about the available tracks