Texas Education Scholars

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Jessica Silva

What is Texas Education Scholars Program?

The Texas Education Scholars (TES) program is for select students admitted to the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. The two-year program aims to provide the benefits of a small college atmosphere while preparing students to become future leaders of the College of Education.

The mission of the Texas Education Scholars program is to build upon the skills that our scholars already encompass to help create a community of leaders within the College of Education and the professional fields that our students pursue post-graduation. Texas Education Scholars are challenged to understand their true passions, explore their goals, and develop themselves into the leaders that our society needs.

The TES program aspires to help our students develop these skills through a variety of leadership training, mentorship opportunities, community involvement and by promoting academic excellence.

Selection Process

Participation in the TES program is by invitation only. A limited number of participants are nominated by The University of Texas’ Provost’s Office. Nominations are reviewed and awarded by the College of Education’s selection committee.

The cohorts are set up to reflect a diverse group of participants from Applied Learning and Development, Athletic Training and Kinesiology and Health Education who demonstrate evidence of academic achievement in high school, commitment to learning and intellectual challenge, potential for leadership, and appreciation for engagement in a strong academic and social community.


  • Dedicated Academic Advising
  • Reserved seats in required courses 
  • Faculty Mentors
  • Career Planning 
  • Leadership training
  • Scholarship application assistance
  • Professional Networking
  • Tutoring
  • Community Service Opportunities

Program Requirements and Expectations

Texas Education Scholars are expected to immerse themselves in the program’s mission to develop the future leaders of the College of Education. Leadership development opportunities will be offered various times throughout their four-semester commitment to the program and attendance at all events is required.

Semester 1

Texas Education Scholars are required to participate in one of our TES First-year Interest Groups (FIG). These students will take a cluster of courses that were pre-selected by the TES committee and are required for our degrees in the College of Education along with a 1-hour per week seminar.

The seminar will be facilitated by the TES advisor and a College of Education upper-classmen who has been selected as the group’s mentor. Seminar discussions will focus on helping scholars gain the tools needed to navigate The University of Texas at Austin successfully and will include topics that cover the university’s resources, study habits, getting involved, mentorship and research opportunities, amongst many others.

Semesters 2-4

Texas Education Scholars will no longer have a weekly seminar but they will have access to reserved seats in courses. Students will be required to participate in 1-2 monthly events such as alumni networking, professional development panels, leadership training, etiquette dinners, faculty mentor meetings and Dean luncheons. Some of the students in the program will become the mentors for the incoming group’s FIG during this time.

Beyond Semester 4

Scholars will no longer have access to reserved seats and they will not be required to attend the monthly events. However, invitations for events will be extended to TES Alumni, giving them further access to leadership training and development. Students will also have access to the TES alumni directory, which will connect them to alumni in similar professions who have volunteered to serve as professional mentors.

Getting Started

If you are selected as a Texas Education Scholar, you must confirm your spot in the program by filling out the form sent to you in your selection email. You will notify us of which orientation session you are planning to attend and provide us with some additional information.

Once at orientation, you will be given a burnt orange name badge to help identify you as a TES student. All TES orientees will be required to attend a TES meeting on the first evening of orientation; parents of TES students are invited to attend this meeting if they wish to do so. An email reminder about the meeting will be sent to you approximately a week before your scheduled orientation date.