The Professional Development Sequence For Future Teachers

The Professional Development Sequence (PDS) is a teacher preparation program that includes

  • Coursework
  • Pre-student teaching field experiences and observations
  • Student teaching
  • Seminars and career tools

The PDS length and requirements vary by teacher certification, and the PDS is an additional requirement to your major. Upon successful completion of the PDS, you will be recommended for certification to teach in Texas.

The PDS application runs from February 1 to March 1 for fall entry and September 1 to October 1 for spring entry. 

Apply to the PDS

You must apply during the long semester prior to entering the program. Admission to the PDS is dependent upon meeting the required GPA and successful completion of prerequisite coursework. All students entering the PDS must also have access to a laptop.

College of Education Teacher Preparation Programs

Early Childhood-6th English as a Second Language/Core Subjects Generalist

Early Childhood-6th Core Subjects/Generalist, Bilingual Education

Special Education

University of Texas Urban Teachers (Bachelor, Master Degrees in English Language Arts, Social Studies)

PDS Timeline Example – EC-6 Generalist

Teacher Preparation Programs in Other Colleges

The length, starting semesters, and application periods below refer to the part that is tracked by the College of Education in order to recommend students for teacher certification.  If you are interested in teacher certification in one of these areas, you should contact the appropriate advising office: 

You may be required to submit a separate application for the college of your choice prior to submitting a PDS application to the College of Education.

UTeach Natural Sciences (Science, Computer Science, and Math)

UTeach Liberal Arts (English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Languages Other Than English)

UTeach Fine Arts (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre)