Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program

The Cultural Studies in Education Doctor of Philosophy Degree prepares students to address current issues and theory in multicultural education. This is achieved by preparing students through specialized coursework and research in the form of a dissertation. Students will be prepared to become teacher educators, professors and advocates for equality in curriculum and education for a diverse group of learners.

Total minimum hours: 63 hours (including minimum 6 hours of dissertation)

General Requirements (Minimum 21 hours)

Foundation Requirements (9 hours required)

  • EDC 380F  Sociocultural Foundations
  • EDC 381F  Introduction to Teaching and Teacher Education
  • EDC 383F  Curriculum Theory

Research Methodology Requirements (Minimum 12 hours)

To be taken in sequence:

  1. EDC 381R  Introduction to Systems of Human Inquiry
  2. The following two courses (6 hours), in any order:
    • EDC 385R  Introduction to Quantitative Research
    • EDC 386R  Introduction to Qualitative Research
  3. One course (3 hours) selected from the following:
    • EDC 387R  Advanced Quantitative Research
    • EDC 388R  Advanced Qualitative Research

Directed Research (Minimum 12 hours)

  • EDC 396T  Directed Research in Curriculum & Instruction (6 hours minimum)
    Please Note: EDC 396T can be taken more than once for credit
  • Two additional courses (6 hours) that include a substantial research component approved by academic adviser.

Specialization Requirements (Minimum 18 hours) 

Students with an emphasis on Cultural Studies in Education will take additional related courses, selected with the assistance and approval of the area program adviser. To help meet their personal career goals, students are encouraged to select courses from other clusters in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

CSE doctoral students are required to take EDC 385G Cultural Theory in Education, preferably within the first year in the program.

Among the courses that might be selected to fulfill the specialization requirement are the following:

  • EDC 385G  Advanced Multicultural Education
  • EDC 380G  Anthropology of Education
  • EDC 385G  Chicana Feminist Theorists
  • EDC 385G  Critical Pedagogy
  • EDC 385G  Cultural Knowledge of Teachers and Teaching
  • EDC 385G  Education in Contemporary Black America
  • EDC 385G  Explorations in the Education of the Mexican American Child
  • EDC 385G  Foundations of Curriculum
  • EDC 385G  Identity, Agency, and Education
  • EDC 385G  Immigration Theory in Education
  • EDC 385G  Race and Ethnic Relations in Schools
  • EDC 392L  Philosophical Foundations of Education

Courses Outside the Department (Minimum 6 hours)

Coursework from sections General Requirements, Directed Research, and Special Requirements may fulfill this requirement (thus hours in this section may already be counted as credit towards total hours).

CSE students are highly encouraged to take courses outside the College of Education to fulfill this requirement. Suggested areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Mexican American Studies, African and African Diaspora Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Latin American Studies, Cultural Studies, American Studies.

Dissertation (Minimum 6 hours)

Students are required to continuously register for at least three credits of dissertation once they have advanced to candidacy

You must register in X99W (399, 699 or 999W) in each semester of candidacy until you graduate.

Please Note: Students receiving fellowships, assistantships, or other financial aid, may be required to take 9 hours of dissertation credit each semester.

Additional Information

Forms and a program checklist are available on our wiki.

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