Human Development, Culture, & Learning Sciences

Human Development, Culture, & Learning Sciences (HDCLS), as a core academic area of specialization, represents the scientific and theoretical bases for research and practice within the field of Educational Psychology. We train graduate students in theories of human cognition, culture, development, language, learning, motivation, social, and personality psychology in order to prepare them for careers of teaching and research in these areas. We offer students the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree on specific sub-areas within our academic discipline, either as a pre-doctoral degree if an entering student does not yet have a relevant master’s degree or as a goal in itself. In addition we train undergraduate students, especially those who will be teachers, to be skilled consumers of research information in these areas that might affect their lives and careers. Our goal for this website is to give you a sense of our Area’s strengths, including our commitment to the rigorous study of the human condition and its relations with learning, education, and development.