HDCLS Doctoral Required Courses

What is shown below is an approximation of the program of work each student will complete during the HDCLS doctoral program.

I. Departmental Courses

A. Methods Core Area Courses

Students must take the following 3 courses:

  • EDP 380D Psychometrics: Theory & Methods
  • EDP 380C Correlation & Regression
  • EDP 380C Statistical Analysis for Experimental Data (or approved substitute)

B. Content Core Area Courses

Student must take one course from the Human Development and Social group, one course from Learning group, and an additional one course from either group. In total, three courses must be taken in the Content Core Area

Human Development and Social Group

  • EDP 382C Social Social Psychology
  • EDP 382F Child & Adolescent Social, Emotional, & Cognitive Development
  • EDP 382F The Individual through the Life Cycle

Learning Group

  • EDP 382D Instructional Psychology
  • EDP 382D Motivation & Emotion
  • EDP 382D Psychology of Learning

C. Other Courses

  • EDP 381C Research Design & Methods for Psychology & Education
  • EDP 194   Doctoral Research Colloquium (After application for candidacy)
  • EDP 399R (or 699R or 999R) Dissertation (Reading) and at least 1 semester of EDP 999W Dissertation (Writing)

II. HDCLS Courses

  • Additional four courses in HDCLS specialization, approved by Area Chair
  • EDP 381C Literature Review and Research Synthesis
  • Two semesters of EDP 382Q Research Practicum: Human Dev/Cul/Learn Sci (or approved substitute)
  • Two semesters of EDP 194    Colloquium: Human Development & Culture
  • Additional two research courses, approved by Area Chair

Supporting Work 
(Out of Area/Department)

Students must take 3 courses outside the HDCLS area, and at least one must be out-of-department (non-EDP); two can be within EDP but still must be in an area outside of HDCLS.

  • Two Out-of-area/department courses (non-HDCLS or non-EDP)
  • One Out-of-department course (non-EDP)

Non-coursework Requirements

  • Pass Qualifying Process
  • Complete HDCLS Predoctoral Project
  • Earn en-route master's degree (unless entering doctoral program with previous in-field master’s)
  • Complete Dissertation
  • Specialized Competency Requirement