Special Education New Faculty 2018

The College of Education is happy to welcome 11 new faculty members for the 2018-2019 academic year. This year, the Department of Special Education is joined by Peng Peng.

photo of Peng Peng
Peng Peng – Assistant Professor

Peng Peng

What institution were you most previously with and what was your role?

I was most previously an assistant professor at University of Nebraska, Lincoln

What are your research interests?  

I am interested in embedding high-level cognitive skills training into academic instructions for children with severe learning difficulties who do not respond to evidence-based academic instructions. Another line of my research is meta-analysis that examines different aspects of reading and mathematics learning across cultures and languages.

What sparked those interests?  

There are some children with severe learning difficulties who do not respond to evidence-based academic instructions. I want to bridge cognitive psychology and special education intervention.

What are you excited about for your new position at UT? 

I am excited to collaborate with the wonderful faculty members in the Department of Special Education. 

What do you hope to contribute to the College of Education or the Austin community?

I hope to contribute excellent research that can provide implications for intervention among children with learning disabilities. 

What is your starting date, program area within your department, and academic rank (assistant professor, associate professor, etc.)?

I start on Aug. 1, 2018, as an assistant professor in High Incidence Disabilities and Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders programs.