Special Education Professor Christian Doabler’s Work on Mathematics Intervention Receives Recognition

Photo of Christian DoablerThe Institute of Education Sciences (IES) cited Department of Special Education Assistant Professor Christian Doabler’s work in its recently released Companion Guidelines on Replication and Reproducibility in Education Research. Published in collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Companion Guidelines highlight the importance of replication and reproducibility studies and provide guidance on the steps researchers can take to promote corroboration, ensure the integrity of research, and extend the evidence base. One of Doabler’s studies, Testing the efficacy of a tier 2 mathematics intervention: A conceptual replication study, published in the journal “Exceptional Children,” was cited as being exemplary.

Doabler’s groundbreaking work on mathematics interventions for English learners also has been published in “Early Childhood Research Quarterly.” Called Building number sense among English learners: A multisite randomized controlled trial of a Tier 2 kindergarten mathematics intervention, the study involved almost 300 English learners who are at risk for mathematics learning disability. Little research has been conducted involving English learners at risk for mathematics learning disability and of the studies run to date, few, if any, have used rigorous methodological research designs involving large samples.