It’s a “privilege and an honor” to be a first-generation student

First-generation college students, Noelia Delgado Rosas and Deniss Moreno reflect on what it means to them and to their families to graduate from The University of Texas at Austin. As part of the generation of college students who have had to overcome unforeseeable obstacles created by the pandemic and the educational environment, these amazing women tell their stories of perseverance and accomplishment during their time at UT’s College of Education.  

Commencement speaker Hayes Barnard and UT president, Jay Hartzell both reiterated the tremendous and world-changing impact that students like Noeila and Deniss will have on the future.  

Said President Hartzell, “Be bold. Be fearless. You are proud Texas Longhorns, and that powerful identity is etched in burnt orange on your hearts and forever woven into the fabric of your lives.”