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ED Talk: Cindy Carlson
Jun. 10, 2019
Cindy Carlson highlights research from the past 50 years that demonstrates the pervasive impact and importance of family relationships to human well-being.

Growing Up as Rents Rise: How Housing Affordability Affects Parents and Children
May. 02, 2019
An ED Talk by Jennifer Jellison Holme, an associate professor of educational policy and planning.

The Truth That I Owe You: Understanding the Social Contexts of Race and Gender in Literacy Education
Mar. 06, 2019
An ED Talk by David Kirkland, associate professor of English and Urban Education and executive director of the NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools.

A Problem Hidden in Plain Sight: Forum on Chronic Absenteeism
Feb. 28, 2019
Each year, nearly 7.5 million students are chronically absent – missing 10% or more of the school year. How should researchers, policymakers, and educators address chronic absenteeism and its effects on students? 

How to Shop for a Healthier You
Jan. 07, 2019
“Eating food you have prepared is a great way to ensure you are getting good nutrition without a lot of added fats, sugars, or additives,” says Brittany Crim, lecturer in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. “Regular grocery shopping is a great habit to help ensure you are equipped with…

Advice from the Experts
Oct. 30, 2018
K-12 students chime in with some advice for new teachers to help them connect with their students.

ED Talk: Kevin Cokley
Jun. 06, 2018
Hegemonic Psychology: The Politics of Ethnic Minority Research

Racial Inequality & Schooling: Providing Opportunities for Access and Identity in a Changing Educational Landscape
Mar. 23, 2018
An ED Talk by Na’ilah Suad Nasir is the sixth president of the Spencer Foundation.

Navigating the Quicksand: How Postsecondary Administrators Understand the Influence of Affirmative Action Developments on Racial Diversity Work
Mar. 21, 2018
An ED Talk by Liliana M. Garces, associate professor at The University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy and affiliate faculty at the University of Texas School of Law.

A Hauntology on Data: Diffracting Specters of Racialization Toward an Autopoietic Turn/Overturn
Mar. 09, 2018
An ED Talk by Ezekiel Dixon-Román, associate professor in the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania