Cory and Priscilla Redding

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Cory and Priscilla Redding
Cory and Priscilla Redding

Gridiron glory is not all that motivates former Longhorn football standout Cory Redding. The Indianapolis Colt and his wife, education alumna Priscilla (B.S. '03), recently announced their donation of $100,000 to establish the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship in the College of Education. The gift is the University’s first from an ex-UT athlete while he is still playing in the National Football League.

The Cory Redding Foundation will support long-term efforts to help the endowment grow. Redding, meanwhile, intends to interact as often as possible with the recipients. He’s interested in giving back because he values teachers who keep students on the right track. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for key people in my life mentoring me and keeping me grounded,” he says.

During the off-seasons, Redding is completing a degree in youth and community studies in the College of Education, where Priscilla, BS ’03, earned her degree in applied learning and development. The Reddings specified that their endowment help undergraduates with demonstrated financial need. Growing up with humble beginnings, Redding says he has lived his life according to three basic values: desire, discipline, and dedication. He expects the scholarship recipients to exhibit the same spirit. “I chose the College of Education to create this endowment because I wanted to make this world a better place, one person, one kid at a time,” said Redding.

Redding, a two-time All-American and first-team All-Big 12 defensive end at Texas, was part of Coach Mack Brown’s first recruiting class for the Horns. After playing in 52 games at UT, he started his pro career with Detroit, later playing for Seattle and Baltimore. This fall, playing for the Colts, will be his 11th season with the NFL. After retiring from football, he and Priscilla plan to relocate to Austin with their three children.

“In the days when my wife and I are no longer here, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will hopefully be part of this process, continuing this endowment,” he says. “One hundred years from now, they’re going to look and see the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship, and to me, that is better than any accolade I could ever achieve on the football field.”

"It is always an honor to have our students come back and be supportive alumni," said Dr. Sherry Field, former associate dean. "When they link their name to a scholarship in perpetuity, it is incredibly humbling. Your scholarship is going to make it possible for students to attend college who possibly could not without your help and very generous support. There is no doubt that the students will be transformed by what you are doing and by what your family has created. What we believe in equally, if not more, is that it is important to think about the number of lives that each one of your scholarships will touch; the lives that the teachers will touch. It is incalculable in number."

“We say that we change people’s lives here at the university and what they do is go out and be a big part of their communities, give back and help,” said President Powers. “Cory and Priscilla, we are proud of you.”