Counselor Education

A woman and a man sit on a sofa watching two boys play while a counselor looks on.

Photo of Leslie Moore

Program Director
Leslie Moore

Our Counselor Education Master's degree (M.Ed.) program specializes in preparing counselors to work in a variety of roles within academic settings, including schools (K-12) and post-secondary educational institutions (community colleges, colleges, and universities).

Our program emphasizes both individual and systemic approaches to help counselors create innovative prevention and intervention programs. We hold a core value of enhancing learning in a multicultural and pluralistic society. In this program, students can expect highly personalized training while benefiting from a wide range of academic opportunities available at a major research institution. 

Visit the links below for additional details and answers to frequently asked questions about the Counselor Education Master's program. The Department of Educational Psychology also offers a doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in Counseling Psychology.

Counseling Psychology & Counselor Education Faculty

Photo of Ricardo Ainsle

Ricardo Ainslie


M. K. Hage Centennial Professorship in Education

Explores the intersection of psychology and culture through such topics as the psychological experience of immigration, ethnic conflicts and the impact of violence within communities, and the relationship between individual and collective identity.

Photo of Chris Brownson

Chris Brownson

Clinical Associate Professor

Research interests include college student suicide prevention, collaborative care models of behavioral health in primary care, and the intersection of mental health and academic success.

Photo of Kevin Cokley

Kevin Cokley


Researches themes related to understanding the psychological and environmental factors that impact African American student achievement, and the impact of the impostor phenomenon in academic and mental health outcomes.

Photo of Christopher McCarthy

Christopher McCarthy

Professor, Graduate Advisor

Studies stress and coping as it relates to professionals in educational settings, health and wellness, and the identification of psychological resources that can help prevent stress.

Photo of Leslie Moore

Leslie Moore

Senior Lecturer, Counselor Education Program Director

Interested in human development and the role that therapy plays in enhancing development with a focus on the study of comparative approaches to counseling interventions.

Michael Parent

Assistant Professor

Focuses on the intersections of gender, sexuality, and behavioral health in topics of men’s health, gender roles, and muscularity; conducts outreach with gender and sexual minority communities.

Photo of Aaron Rochlen

Aaron Rochlen

Professor, Counseling Psychology Program Director

Research focuses on men and traditional masculinity, with a particular emphasis on men's mental health, depression, help-seeking patterns, and their underutilization of counseling services.

Photo of Delida Sanchez

Delida Sanchez

Assistant Professor

Interested in teaching and research in the area of multicultural counseling, exploring ethnic and racial identity development, and mental health outcomes among Black and Latino adolescents.