Graduate Programs

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education has multiple areas of graduate study.  These include Health Behavior and Education, Exercise Science, Sport Management, and Physical Culture and Sport. At the Doctoral level, these programs train students to conduct cutting-edge research.  At the master's level, students have the option of a research or an applied focus. 

Our diverse alumni network demonstrates our students’ abilities to take the skills learned from the classroom and the laboratory, and apply these for the betterment of the people of Texas, the United States and throughout the world.

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Assistant professor Audrey Stone works with students in a lab

Exercise Physiology

Study Exercise Physiology using an integrative approach to discover and disseminate basic, applied and clinical knowledge regarding the metabolic, cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and autonomic nervous system responses to exercise and physical inactivity in health, aging and diabetes. Our graduate students conduct a focused line of research by working with faculty mentors. Their cooperative work builds a foundation of knowledge critical for the advancement of the field.

M.S. and M.Ed. Ph.D.

Children get exercise playing on a jungle gym.

Health Behavior and Health Education

Gain the necessary experience for a research, academic, or applied career in health promotion, health education, and public health. Our graduate programs provide a multidisciplinary perspective on health and well-being across the lifespan. Our M.Ed. and M.S. programs prepare practitioners and researchers for leadership roles in government agencies, community health care settings, higher education, public schools, business and industry, and non-profit health agencies. Our doctoral program prepares students for academic and research careers.

M.S. and M.Ed. Ph.D.

A young woman walks on a treadmill while looking at a large screen depicting a city scape.

Movement and Cognitive Rehabilitation Science

Explore aspects of biomechanical, neural, and neuromuscular mechanisms of human movement with applications to development and aging, skill acquisition, elite performance, and rehabilitation following chronic or acute injuries. Our graduate students work in collaborative multi-disciplinary teams with faculty mentors on focused lines of research to address basic and applied questions, using kinematic and kinetic motion capture and electrophysiological assessment of neuromuscular function.

M.Ed. M.S. Ph.D.

Graduate students listen to Professor Jan Todd talk about the history of strong man competitions.

Physical Culture and Sport Studies

Pursue a Ph.D. in Physical Culture and Sport Studies to prepare for an academic career with a focus in research. This unique program brings together several fields related to sport culture studies. Students are encouraged to choose coursework from multiple areas, integrating history, Olympic studies, cultural studies, sociology and gender studies, law, political science, and ethics/philosophy. Archival collections at the Stark Center provide students with unparalleled resources for research in sport and physical culture studies.


Two Sport Management graduate students give a presentation to the San Antonio Spurs management team.

Sport Management

Learn to excel in a rapidly expanding sport and fitness industry with a master’s degree in Sport Management. Our M.Ed. program encourages students to gain practical industry experience through their dynamic coursework and internships. Our program is closely connected to both UT’s Athletic Department which is recognized as one of the flagship collegiate “businesses” in America. We also offer an M.S. program which focuses on research and contributes to real-world scenarios in sport management.

The Sport Management concentration also offers a completely online program that allows students to complete their degree from anywhere while continuing to develop their professional careers.

M.Ed. M.S. Online M.Ed.


Brian Mills, Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor

As the Graduate Advisor and a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, Dr. Mills oversees the graduate curriculum, degree plans, advancement to candidacy, dissertations and theses, grievances, and serves as a liaison between the Graduate School and KHE faculty.

Phillip Salazar, Graduate Coordinator

As Graduate Program Coordinator, Phillip Salazar assists the Department Chair, Graduate Advisor, Executive Assistant, faculty, staff and graduate students in the operations of the graduate program and degrees offered in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Education, including registration, enrollment, academic appointments, scholarships, admissions, candidacy, graduation, and maintaining academic records.