Exercise Physiology Master's Thesis Timeline

The thesis is an original work conducted by the student under close supervision by a faculty advisor. The thesis requires two full semesters to complete, and following the plan below will maximize your success. Please confirm the deadline for thesis submission to the Graduate School for the semester in which you intend to graduate and complete the checklist below under the guidance of the faculty advisor.

First Year

  • Complete all the required lab safety training and either IRB or animal research training.
  • Work with the faculty advisor to select a topic of interest for your research
  • Observe and learn the techniques and procedures used in the laboratory
  • Create a research plan and provide a brief overview and outline to your advisor
  • Create a timeline for the entire project including target dates
  • Start working on IRB or animal care and use protocol

Second Year: Semester One

  • Enroll in KIN 698A Thesis (Note: KIN 698A and 698B may not be taken concurrently)
  • Revisit the timeline
  • Complete thesis proposal (introduction, review of literature, methods)
  • Work with your advisor to select and confirm a 2nd reader (a professor in the department)
  • Obtain IRB or animal care and use approval
  • Initiate the data collection

Second Year: Semester Two

  • Enroll in KIN 698B Thesis
  • Continue and complete the data collection
  • Work with your advisor to select a journal to submit the final thesis and use that editorial format to prepare a manuscript
  • Finalize your thesis draft with your advisor. The final format of the thesis includes an introduction, a literature review, and a full manuscript.
  • With advisor approval, submit your final thesis draft to your second reader at least four weeks prior to the Graduate School deadline (the second reader needs two weeks to review)
  • Prepare and give slide presentation at KHE master’s thesis presentation day (last Friday of the semester)
  • With the approval of your advisor, submit your thesis to the Graduate School.
  • Make sure to submit the request for a delay of publication (embargo) to protect future publication rights

* Remember to give your advisor and reader at least 2 weeks to review multiple drafts of the thesis and take responsibility for making revisions in a timely manner.