Ph.D. Overview

Establishment of Program of Study

During their first year, each student and their academic advisor will develop an individualized program of study. The program will be based on the student’s research interests and dissertation topic. This will outline the coursework the student will take to complete their degree.

This program of study will be presented for approval to the graduate studies committee during the student’s second year. It will include any and all coursework deemed necessary to meet the degree requirements described on the required courses page.

Proposed Program Schedule

  1. The sequencing of course offerings favors admission in the fall semester.
  2. Prerequisites, if needed, should be completed in the first semester of study, and must be completed prior to advancement to doctoral candidacy. Submit the prerequisite form signed by the faculty advisor to the graduate program coordinator.
  3. At the end of each academic year, the yearly progress report checklist will be filled out by the student, signed by the faculty adviser, and submitted during the doctoral seminar.    
  4. During the second year of doctoral study, the program of study should be established and presented to the exercise physiology faculty and the graduate studies committee for approval.
  5. By the end of the second year of post master's study, organized coursework in the program of study should be near completion, and the comprehensive examination should be taken.
  6. Following successful completion of the comprehensive examination, the student may be advanced to candidacy.
  7. In the year following the successful completion of the comprehensive examination, the dissertation proposal should have been defined and presented to the dissertation committee.
  8. The dissertation defense will be conducted and evaluated by the dissertation committee.  

Ph.D. Student Evaluation

Ph.D. students must make satisfactory progress and will be evaluated for satisfactory progress each year. The evaluation will be based on completion of coursework, GPA, and research involvement.

  1. Incompletes. Graduate students are expected to complete courses within the time frame of the semester. In unusual cases where this semester framework is not in the best interest of the student, the professor may report the symbol X (incomplete) in place of a grade. The student must then complete the course requirements and the instructor must report a final grade by the end of the grade reporting period in the student’s next long-session semester of enrollment (i.e., spring or fall semester). If this deadline is not met, the symbol X is converted to the symbol I (permanent incomplete). The symbol I cannot be converted to a grade. The GSC considers two or more grades of incomplete including permanent incompletes as unsatisfactory progress. (TAs, GRAs, etc., may acquire no more than two grades of X or one grade of X and I. They cannot have two or more grades of I.)
  2. GPA. The student is expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 required by the Graduate School. This GPA pertains to all coursework within the major department, outside the department, and also to the overall combined GPA.
  3. Research Involvement. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the Academic Advisor to be certain that all research expectations are made clear. Students who are not actively involved in research will be considered as not making satisfactory progress.