Alderson Lecture and Awards Celebration

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

The Alderson Lecture and Awards Celebration is presented each year in honor of the late Dr. C.J. (Shorty) Alderson and the late Dr. Mary Buice Alderson, former members of the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education and 2007 inductees of the Kinesiology and Health Education Hall of Honor. Few people have had such positive effects on a profession as did the Aldersons. They served a combined 85 years as physical educators, most of that time at the University of Texas at Austin, and their lives touched thousands of individuals through their teaching and service, as consultants, and in professional associations.

Part of the award ceremony includes a lecture from a prominent member in the field of Kinesiology and Health Education. Topics for the lecture range in subjects from sports, training, health, psychology, physical education and more.  

Past Presenters

2022 Dr. Jamie Schultz, Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University, “Title IX at 50: A Critical Celebration of Civil Rights Legislation on U.S. Sport”
2021 Virtual ceremony, combined with Hall of Honor
2020 Canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
2019 Charles Martinez, Jr., Dean of the College of Education, “New Directions for Eliminating Behavioral Health and Education Disparities Among Latino Families and Children in the U.S. and Abroad.”
2018 Nate Boyer, B.S. ’13, Physical Culture and Sports, “From Darfur to DKR: How the World Changed Me
2017 Dr. John Ivy, Professor Emeritus of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin, “Nutrient Timing: Optimizing Protein Intake for Muscle Development and Strength”
2016 Trey Hardee, two-time Decathlon World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, “Price of Success”
2015 Dr. Susan Cox, MD, Executive Vice Dean for Academics, Department of Medical Education, Dell Medical School, “Medical Education: Lighting a Fire”
2014 Dr. Stephen H. Kelder, MPH, PhD, Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Science, University of Texas, “Health Education 2.0: Educating Children of the 21st Century”
2013 Dr. Barb Springer, National Director Project HERO, “Project HERO: The Therapy that Works”
2012 Dr. Lee Sweeney, Professor & Chair, Dept of Physiology, Perelman School of Medicine, Univ of Pennsylvania
2011 Jody Conradt, Naismith Hall of Fame Coach, “Teamwork = Excellence”
2010 Dr. William Kraemer, Professor, Dept of Kinesiology, Univ of Connecticut, “Strength Training: The Keys to Health, Fitness, and Performance”
2009 Dr. Jack Berryman, Professor of Medical History, University of Washington Medical School, “Exercise as Medicine: An Historical Overview”
2008 Dr. Ian Henry, Director, Centre for Olympic Studies and Research, Loughborough University, England, “Globalism, Interculturalism & Sport Policy”
2007 William M. Sage, MD, JD, Vice Provost for Health Affairs, UT Austin “Health Policy in our own Backyard”
2006 Daniel Landers, Arizona State University, “Physical Inactivity, Dementia, Anxiety, and Depression: An Evolutionary Perspective”
2005 Wendy Frisby, Univ. of British Columbia. “Towards Inclusive Sport: Collaborating with Diverse Women Living in Poverty”
2004 Melvin H. Williams, Old Dominion University. “What Price Victory? Ergogenic Aids & Performance Enhancement in Sport”
2003 Thom McKenzie, San Diego Univ. “Physical Activity Interventions in Schools”
2002 Waneen Spirduso, Univ. of Texas at Austin. “Reinventing the Third Age in the New Millennium”
2001 Alan M. Klein, Northeastern University. “Afta’ NAFTA: Baseball in a Borderless World”
2000 Daryl Siedentop, Ohio State University. “Physical Education in the New Millennium”
1999 Mary Jo Kane, Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, Univ. of Minnesota. “Media Representations of the Post Title-IX Female Athlete: The Good, the Bad and the Dangerous”
1998 William D. Farney, Univ. Interscholastic League. “The Future of Amateur Athletics”
1997 Donna A. Lopiano, Women’s Sport Foundation. “Why Every Woman Must Play Sports: Implications for Your Career, Your Health and Your Daughter”
1996 John A. Lucas, Pennsylvania State Univ. “The Olympic Games–Past, Present, and Future”
1995 William L. Haskell, Stanford University. “Physical Activity and Health: Guidelines for Public Health Recommendations”
1994 Robert M. Malina, Univ. of Texas at Austin. “Fitness of Unfitness of Youth: Current Status in the Era of Political Correctness”
1993 Mary Lou Remley, Indiana University. “Sporting Influences in American Art, Language, and Literature”
1992 Anita L. DeFrantz, Amateur Athletic Foundation, Los Angeles, California. “As the Sun Sets on the Promised Land”
1991 Phyllis Weikart, High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Univ. of Michigan. “Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education”
1990 Ambrose E. Brazelton, Ohio Dept of Education. “Edu-Caring”
1988 Charles J. Dillman, American Sports Medicine Institute, Birmingham, Alabama. “The Role of Sports Science in the U.S. Olympic Program”
1987 Shirl J. Hoffmann, Univ. of North Carolina. “Playing the Role of Teacher and Teaching the Role of Play”
1986 Lawrence F. Locke, Univ. of Massachusetts. “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.”
1985 Jack H. Wilmore, Univ. of Texas at Austin. “The Fitness Boom: Are We Leaders or Followers?”
1984 Lynn W. McCraw, Univ. of Texas at Austin. “Profile of a Professional Educator.”
1983 Don Hellison, Portland State Univ. “Teaching Physical Education: What’s Worth Doing?
1982 Linda Bain, Univ. of Houston. “Physical Education: Something of Value”
1981 Hal Lawson, Univ. of British Columbia. “Physical Education and the Challenge of the Next Century.”

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