Curriculum and Instruction Professor Presents at International Conference on Mathematics Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction Professor Eric Knuth is one of two U.S. professors invited to deliver a keynote address at the Gyeongnam International Photo of Eric KnuthConference on Mathematics Education, a conference sponsored by the Gyeongnam Mathematical Culture Center and The Korea Society of Educational Studies in Mathematics, in Changwon, South Korea, August 6-8. Attended by approximately 800 Korean mathematics teachers, the keynote considers the engagement of K-12 students in meaningful mathematical practices, with a particular focus on ways to foster the development of positive dispositions toward mathematics.

Eric Knuth is the associate director of UT STEM Education Research and principal investigator for Learning through an Early Algebra Progression (Project LEAP). His research focuses on developing instructional practices and curriculum materials by studying the meaningful engagement of students in mathematical practices and their development of more sophisticated ways of engaging in those practices; specifically related to algebraic reasoning and to mathematical argumentation.