Class of 2019: Bailey Glenn

What part of the program had the biggest impact on you?

The most impactful and favorite part of my experience was being accepted into the Literacy and Research cohort as part of my professional development program. This program changed the way I look at the education system in the best way. It reminds me every day just how important education is for everyone. Educators must acknowledge [inequitable] systems of race, class, gender, etc. in classrooms and schools so we can be aware of how to break down those systems to expose all perspectives of life.

I have also learned that our profession is a profession of constant activism. We can’t simply talk about things our students see that need to change in their worlds. We have to change it. Action causes change, and we are all changemakers every day if we to choose be.

Who has helped you during this experience that you would like to thank?

This program, my professors, peers, and my students that I have been blessed enough to teach and learn with and from continue to inspire me to make a difference in my world and the world around me. They taught me how to question and continue to learn in the classroom with my students every day and how to trust myself.

I also have to thank my family. From my highest moments in college, to the lowest semester when my father passed away, they were right by my side. They have encouraged me, laughed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me, and loved me endlessly. My dad has been my constant guardian angel. I miss him dearly, but I know that he’s watching over me and has been with me every step of the way.

Bailey Glenn is graduating with a degree in Applied Learning and Development with an EC-6 Generalist Certification. After graduation, she will return to Galveston to teach at a local elementary school. During her time at UT, she was a member of the inaugural cohort of Charles Butt Scholars.