Class of 2019: Sabrina Facundo

What part of the program had the biggest impact on you?

I’ve enjoyed learning alongside incredible and knowledgeable people, both students and faculty. When you surround yourself with extraordinary minds that strive for greatness, it makes you want the same for yourself.

The most impactful part of the program has been my experience in fieldwork. I have met so many established individuals in the field and have done things that I did not think were possible.

Who has helped you during this experience that you would like to thank?

Assistant Professor of Instruction Pamela Buchanan has been the most influential individual during my time at UT. She was always there to listen when I had a vision and never doubted me. What she has instilled in me will last a lifetime and I cannot thank her enough.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I will continue my work at the pediatric therapy clinic where I currently work. I plan to attend graduate school in the future to become an occupational therapist.

Sabrina Facundo is graduating with a degree in Applied Movement Science with a specialization in Disability Studies. She is currently working with the Austin Bergstrom International Airport to propose a space in the facility to support individuals with disabilities.