Mark O'Reilly Speaks at International Early Childhood Education Conference

Special Education department chair Mark O’Reilly presented the keynote presentation at the 5th Conference of Research in Early Childhood Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. The theme of the conference was “Enhancing the Learning Outcomes of Disadvantaged Children.” 

O’Reilly’s presentation summarized meta-analytic findings, concluding that effective approaches to educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) include visual support, peer-mediated intervention, self-monitoring intervention, and behavioral analysis, cautioning against dubious approaches that have little empirical support.

“This conference was geared towards early childhood educators who work with diverse student populations in inclusive educational contexts. I was very happy to have an opportunity to share best educational practices to support young children with autism spectrum disorders in inclusive classrooms. The conference also provided an opportunity to begin conversations with faculty at The Education University of Hong Kong about shared teaching, research, and exchange opportunities,” says O’Reilly.