The Next Generation of Leaders

photo of the dean's promising scholars

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, this fall the College of Education was proud and excited to welcome a new cohort of undergraduate scholars of distinction. Arriving to campus from big cities and small towns, the new Dean’s Promising Scholars, Charles Butt Scholars and the Forty Acres Scholars represent some of the best and brightest students from across the state and country. Established by alumni, donors and the Charles Butt Foundation, each one of these scholarship awards make a life-changing impact on our students’ lives by covering their tuition and other costs and easing their burdens so they can pursue their dreams to inspire, lead and change the world.

Dean’s Promising Scholars
In August the college welcomed six new Dean’s Promising Scholars, bringing the current total number of scholars in the college to 23—with the first cohort now in their senior year. The Dean’s Promising Scholars is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship program for undergraduate students that show tremendous academic and leadership promise and a desire to improve the lives of others.

Larissa Cerda, a Dean’s Promising Scholar and a senior exercise science major, has a long-term dream to work with athletes in sport rehabilitation and she credits her scholarship for helping make that dream possible:

“This scholarship has made a significant impact on my education. It has helped me lower the costs of college expenses like tuition, living expenses and books. Your support has allowed me to reduce the number of hours I work to dedicate my time more to my studies. Overall, it has removed a financial barrier that makes my educational goals easier to obtain.”

When reflecting on her plans for the future Larissa added, “I would love to work with a professional team in any sport and be the team’s physical therapist. Then at some point in my career, I would love to go overseas and travel to underdeveloped countries and offer my assistance.”

Larissa is also a 2022-2023 recipient of the Mary Buice Alderson Scholarship.

Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers
This fall ushered in the fifth cohort of recipients of the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers, consisting of 27 new scholars with a commitment to pursuing a career in education in high-needs Texas public schools. With the addition of the new scholars, the College of Education now has 62 total Charles Butt Scholars.

“Because of this scholarship, I will be able to graduate without any debt. As a teacher, this is a very big accomplishment and something that will make it easier for me to focus on my students and prepare lessons for them during my first few years of teaching without the worry of paying off student loans,” said Elena Regalado, a senior special education major, when discussing the impact the scholarship has had on her life. “My favorite part of the Charles Butt Scholar experience has been that I have been able to hear from many active and accomplished educators across Texas, and I have been a part of a community turned family that values education and has been a support system for me.”

Forty Acres Scholars
This year the College of Education was also excited to welcome the largest class of Forty Acres Scholars the college has ever had –four incoming students were awarded full-ride scholarships. Administered by the Texas Exes and supported by donors, the program is a full-ride, merit-based scholarship for UT Austin and provides enrichment opportunities to the students with their cohort—making an even bigger impact on their college experience. With the addition of the new scholars this fall, the College of Education now has six total Forty Acres Scholars.

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