Alumni Q&A with Andrea Kehoe, Ed.D. ’22

In her role as Head of Product at Austin Community College, COE alumnae Dr. Andrea Kehoe (Ed.D. ’22) serves as a key partner for faculty and staff, providing invaluable technical and strategic expertise. Working under the Provost’s Office, she collaborates closely with the district to identify new opportunities, assess their feasibility and develop strategies for launching innovative initiatives that advance student success. Dr. Kehoe’s passion for excellence and her determination to improve educational experiences resonate deeply with our department’s values. We are proud to see her making substantial contributions to the community college sector and beyond, and we are confident that her influence will continue to inspire positive change.

As we celebrate these inspiring successes, we are reminded of the vital role our faculty and alumni play in shaping the future of education. Their commitment to excellence, innovation and equity reinforces our department’s mission and motivates us to keep striving for greater heights.