Career Coaching Appointments

Career Coaching appointments are 30-minute individual sessions with your Career Engagement Coordinator. Appointments are intended to be a more in-depth look at your career strategies and questions. Remember, no matter where you are in your career readiness journey, your Career Engagement Coordinator is available to help.

Career Coaching Appointments are being held both in-person and on Zoom. Please visit Handshake to schedule an appointment with your Career Engagement Coordinator.

Appointment Topics

  • Résumé/Cover Letters

    Collaborate with your Career Engagement Coordinator on how to create a professional résumé and/or cover letter. You may discuss how to target your résumé and/or cover letter to a particular job or internship opportunity. Expect to gain feedback on your written documents.

    If you would like your résumé/cover letter reviewed via email, please send your documents to Please allow up to three business days for a review.

  • Finding Meaningful Experiences (Internship, Part-Time, Volunteering, Shadowing, etc.)

    Collaborate with your Career Engagement Coordinator on how to find experiences that enhance your collegiate experience and strengthen your skillset. Career goals and action plans will be discussed together.

  • Explore Careers

    Collaborate with your Career Engagement Coordinator on potential career paths. This appointment is an opportunity to discuss careers that you are considering. You should come to this appointment with a few career options in mind. Details such as salary, outlook, day-to-day tasks, and personality fit, will be discussed.

  • Interviewing

    Collaborate with your Career Engagement Coordinator on how to prepare for a job interview. This includes discussing commonly asked questions, preparing answers, and conducting a practice mock interview. Mock interviews will help you be better prepared for future on-campus or virtual interviews.

  • Finding/Preparing for a Full-Time Job

    Learn effective techniques for your job search. Discussion points may include networking, job-search platforms, etc. Your Career Engagement Coordinator can walk you through multiple job-searching strategies and best practices.

  • Developing Your Network

    Your Career Engagement Coordinator will walk you through how to build your professional network. This includes best practices for online professional networking.

  • Career-Related Questions

    Texas Education Career Engagement recognizes that you may have questions on a variety of career topics. For this reason, appointments are available so that you can discuss your individual career goals in a casual atmosphere.

Outcomes of a Career Coaching Appointment

  • Your Career Engagement Coordinator is highly trained and specialized in helping UT College of Education students along their career journey. By working directly with your Career Engagement Coordinator, you gain valuable career guidance and another professional connection at UT.
  • Your Career Engagement Coordinator will spend time getting to know you and your career-related questions. Together, we will strategize next steps and action items.
  • You will leave you career coaching appointment with solid action items that bring you closer to your career goals. Your Career Engagement Coordinator will help you stay accountable through follow-up communication and feedback.

Texas Education Career Engagement appointments are only available for current UT Austin College of Education undergraduate students. Availability is often limited near peak times and career fairs.