Career Engagement Resources for Students

A recruiter talks to a student at a career fair.

Texas Education Career Engagement (TECE) is here to guide you along your career readiness journey as you discover your strengths, develop your vision, design your path, and deliver your talent. 

A black woman from the college's advising office talks with a diverse group of students.

Discover Your Strengths

College is the perfect time for you to identify your skills and work out what talents you want to use in a career that will be rewarding and meaningful. The following steps will help you as you start your journey.
Photo of a person writing out a plan.

Develop Your Vision

Participating in the following activities will help you identify the right career path as you will be working with like-minded people interested in similar fields. Bonus: you will be creating your first professional network!

Arial photo of children walking to school

Design Your Path

As you take the following steps toward preparing for your career, be sure to consider where you want to live and work and the additional steps you will need to take to achieve your goals.
Photo of the UT Tower with the words Hooked In reversed out of the photo.

Deliver Your Talent

Make sure you are ready to showcase your professionalism, expertise, strengths, and unique skillset by adding to your network.