Youth and Community Studies Career Paths

Career Engagement

If you want to work with children or in an educational setting without pursuing teacher certification, majoring in Youth and Community Studies (YCS) lays the groundwork for a rewarding career.

Many of our YCS alumni have become community organizers, program directors, public officials, union officials, labor organizers, environmental activists, and more. You may also consider graduate school in order to pursue careers in:

  • Counseling
  • Higher Education
  • Health Care/Medicine, including Nursing
  • Law
  • Planning
  • Policy Administration
  • Public Health
  • Social Work
  • Traditional Disciplines (Sociology, Anthropology, Politics)
  • Urban Studies

Remember, a degree does not equal a career. Employers often focus on the skills and experiences that you gained during your undergraduate experience, rather than on the degree itself.

A concentration in Early Childhood deals primarily with child and adolescent development and family relationships. Consider the following career paths for Early Childhood:

A concentration in Special Populations opens the door for work with individuals with disabilities. Many in this career path are interested in increasing cultural awareness. Consider the following career paths for Special Populations: 

A concentration in Coaching equips you with the fundamentals, theory, and practice of coaching. Consider the following career paths for Coaching:

A concentration in Youth and Social Services opens the door for a career in substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment. Other students go on to work within the criminal justice system or with community outreach and advocacy. Consider the following career paths for Youth and Social Services:

A concentration in Physical Education equips students with knowledge of movement, sport, motor function, and activity for children. Consider the following career paths for Physical Education:

If you are unsure of which career path is right for you, schedule an appointment with your Career Engagement Coordinator on Handshake. Also, consider connecting with YCS alumni on HookedIn. This is a terrific opportunity to learn how fellow Longhorns shaped their career paths.