Career Engagement Resources

College is the perfect time for you to identify your skills and work out what talents you want to use in a career that will be rewarding and meaningful. The following steps will help you as you start your journey. Texas Education Career Engagement (TECE) is available to guide you along your career readiness journey. 

Meet with a Counselor

Career Coaching appointments are 30-minute individual sessions with your Career Engagement Coordinator. Appointments are intended to be a more in-depth look at your career strategies and questions. Counselors with Texas Career Engagement are available to conduct career assessments.

Finding Your Career Path

College of Education graduates are prepared for rewarding careers in Education and Health. You may be surprised by the number of career options that will be available to you thanks to the skills you will gain while you are with us.

Resumes, Cover Letters and More

As you take steps toward preparing for your career, be sure to consider where you want to live and work and what you need to do to take to achieve your goals.

Considering Graduate or Professional School?

Texas Career Engagement provides numerous resources for those interested in furthering their educations after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

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Networking Opportunities

Make sure you are ready to showcase your professionalism, expertise, strengths, and unique skillset by adding to your network.