Career Paths for Teachers

Career Engagement

A Latino teacher works with a black teenaged girl on an assignment in a classroom full of diversity.

A degree in education creates many opportunities for people who are invested in teaching and enriching the lives of children. Our teachers are thoroughly prepared to be leaders in their schools and classrooms and take on administrative, research, and leadership positions in their future careers.

A Leader in the Classroom

Our teachers complete ample hours of fieldwork and student teaching so that they are prepared from day one to create a stimulating, culturally responsive classroom where all students can learn and thrive. After you gain classroom teaching experience, opportunities may arise to expand your responsibilities in your school. Many of our teachers enhance their careers by becoming:

Mentor and Master Teachers

Instructional Specialists

Teaching Middle or High School Electives

Open Doors by Pursuing an Advanced Degree

A master’s or doctoral degree will further prepare you to improve education standards, develop innovative curriculum, and become an advocate for underrepresented communities in education.

Continue to Work in Schools

Move into K-12 Administration

Higher Education and Education Policy

Lead Change in Education

Opt for a Career in a Health-related Field