Bilingual/Bicultural Education

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Photo of Elaine Horwitz

Program Area Coordinator, Advisor
Maria Franquiz

The Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BBE) program provides expertise for students to become leaders in a field of growing importance. BBE students develop a critical perspective that allows them to advocate for bilingual educators, administrators, children, and families both in and outside the K-12 education system. Working alongside faculty, BBE graduate students develop a knowledge base in research and practice in the areas of: language policy and bilinguals’ educational program development; second language acquisition; biliteracy; effective bilingual and ESL instructional practices; bilingual and ESL teacher preparation; and theories of immigration. In addition, our thriving undergraduate Bilingual Teacher Certification program offers students extensive opportunities to experience research and theory in practice in the classroom.


Photo of Patricia Abril-Gonzalez

Paty Abril-Gonzalez

Assistant Professor

Studies long-term relationships with Latinx bilingual students and teachers using arts-based biliteracy approaches to affirm and amplify silenced perspectives.

Photo of Doris Luft Baker

Doris Baker

Associate Professor

Develops and evaluates interventions and assessments using technology to support the academic success of Latinx students and other students whose home language is not English.

Photo of Lucy Camarillo-May

Lucy Camarillo-May


A member of the UT Proyecto Maestría Collaborative, she is a leader in Bilingual and Bicultural Education.

Photo of Stella Flores

Stella Flores

Associate Professor

Examines the effects of state and federal policies on college access and completion outcomes for low-income and underrepresented populations including immigrant and English Learner students.

Photo of Maria Franquiz

María Fránquiz


Examines ethnographic language and literacy practices in K-12 classrooms, specifically focusing on how Latinx critical race theory explains the relationship between heritage language and culture and the evolving identities of future teachers.

Photo of Mitch Ingram

Mitch Ingram

Assistant Professor of Practice

Rsearch interests include the role of humor as a site for the mobilization of community cultural wealth, relajo in bilingual contexts and the different linguistic varieties, dichos, refranes, modismos, and chistes of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Photo of Nora Luna

Nora Luna

Assistant Professor of Practice

Interests also include critical race theory specifically Latinx critical race theory and multigenerational subtractive schooling experienced by a marginalized majority.

Photo of Desiree Pallais-Downing

Desirée Pallais-Downing

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Examines the contributions of strengths-based approaches in literacy instruction with Spanish-speaking bilingual teacher candidates and in-service teachers in the U.S. and in Latin America. 

Photo of Nayelli Ramos

Nayelli Ramos

Clinical Assistant Professor

Focuses on equitable dual language programs, biliteracy, and bilingual and ESL teacher preparation.

Photo of Haydee Rodriguez

Haydeé Rodríguez

Clinical Assistant Professor

Prepares students to become educators in bilingual and ESL education and mentors novice bilingual educators.